Pollution Due to Firecrackers Essay in English

The present article is an English essay on the topic of Fireworks Pollution. Bursting of firecrackers is a very fun activity but this essay elaborates on the fact that if the firework display is excessive, it causes pollution.

Pollution Caused By Firecrackers – English Essay

Nowadays, any festival is celebrated on a large scale due to population growth. Diwali is also one of those festivals which is celebrated with great fanfare. At that time, the firecrackers are simultaneously creating pollution in the atmosphere.

Everyone loves bursting crackers. Apart from Diwali, firecrackers are set off on other auspicious occasions such as weddings, birthdays, processions, jayantis, yatras. Bursting of crackers mainly causes air and noise pollution.

The chemical ingredients used in making firecrackers make a crackling sound when they explode and emit smoke with a specific smell. This chemical fume is dangerous for clean environment. The smoke can also enter our body through the nostrils.

Firecrackers are made from the chemical ingredients nitrate, charcoal and sulphur. When the wick of a firecracker is ignited, it burns and explodes with chemical elements. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and potassium sulphide are released from the explosion.

Bursting of firecrackers is a very pleasant thing for humans, but domestic animals, other animals – birds and small living beings feel its pain. They get scared by the sound of crackers. As animals and birds are very sensitive, they do not like the sound and smoke of firecrackers.

Children are extremely happy when crackers are set off. Bursting crackers is an adventure for them. It is a very natural thing for children to burst crackers and celebrate. If parents buy small quantity of non-harmful crackers, children will also burst crackers in moderation and be happy.

Savvy people are overdoing it when they set off large quantities of crackers. Long strings of firecrackers, loud bombs, sounds like crackers bursting in the sky and crackers that create smoke if people set off deliberately, pollution is sure to happen.

Firecrackers are to some extent harmful to nature and health. Therefore, it would be beneficial and enjoyable for all to keep the awareness of the adults and not to blow firecrackers excessively and let the children blow firecrackers which are not dangerous.

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