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The present article is an English essay on the topic Importance of Sleep. This essay has given detailed information about the importance of human sleep and the benefits of sleep.

Importance of Sleep – English Essay

The main source of our energy is the sun. If we continue our activities according to the movement of the sun, we can have an energetic life experience. After the rising of this life-giving sun, it is day and after its setting, it is night. During the day we are awake and at night we are sleeping.

In nature, humans and other living beings sleep only when it is night. That is, after we wake up during the day, a lot of energy is used at the physical level. Sleep is essential to rebuild that energy and repair all the physical wear and tear that has occurred.

We are working on different levels like intellect, mind, body. All these levels require rest, i.e. all organs need rest. We get that rest during night sleep. After that rest we feel very refreshed.

Nowadays, due to adoption of modern lifestyle and excessive use of technological devices, human sleep has disappeared. Most people do not have the habit of going to bed early at night and waking up early. On the other hand, due to wrong eating habits and lack of necessary physical exertion, sleep has disappeared.

Not getting enough sleep at night causes disorders like sleeping late in the day, lack of interest in any work, irritability, headache, indigestion. As the need for sleep is not met on time, it has an adverse effect on other physical activities. Therefore, mental eccentricity is being created in human nature.

We can see many examples in our daily life that will help us understand the importance of sleep. After a good night’s sleep, we feel very energetic in the morning. We sleep when we are sick and we also sleep when we are physically tired.

Generally, six to eight hours of sleep a night is sufficient for humans. A peaceful night’s sleep can be a boon for you. After complete sleep, all our bodily functions go smoothly. Our intellect, senses and other organs are in a condition to function at their full capacity.

In today’s situation, the habits of waking up late in the morning and sleeping late at night are ingrained in us in many ways. So naturally we don’t get the sleep we need at night time. Due to lack of sleep, many types of physical and mental diseases affect us.

One should know the exact information about the disadvantages of lack of sleep and the benefits of adequate sleep. Today, thanks to the internet and mobile phones, that information can be easily accessed. If we get such information, everyone will easily understand the importance of sleep.

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