Essay – Mahatma Jotirao Phule

Mahatma Jotirao Govindrao Phule was a great writer, thinker and social reformer. This Mahatma Jotirao Phule Essay in English has to be written for the students to know about his life.

Mahatma Jotirao Phule Essay in English

Mahatma Phule’s full name was Jotirao Govindrao Phule. He was born on 11 April 1827 at Katgun in Satara. He spent his entire life doing social work. He always worked for the welfare of farmers, untouchables, and Bahujan Samaj.

Mahatma Phule’s father’s name was Govindrao Sheriba Phule and mother’s name was Chimanabai Phule. His wife was Savitribai Phule, the first female teacher. He educated Savitribai Phule himself and established the first school for girls in Pune.

His mother died when Jotirao was young. He got married to Savitribai at the age of thirteen. Mahatma Phule did his secondary education at the Scottish Mission High School. He was known as a bright and intelligent student in his school life.

Realizing that ignorance was responsible for bitterness and inequality in society, he started efforts to educate women and Bahujans. He felt that the development of family and society is possible in real sense only if girls should also learn.

Mahatma Phule established the first school for girls in Maharashtra in Pune in 1848 AD by educating his wife Savitribai. The responsibility of teaching there was entrusted to his wife Savitribai Phule. After that a school was also established for the untouchables.

Mahatma Phule along with his colleagues and followers founded the organization “Satya Shodhak Samaj” in 1873. The great aim of this organization was to bring justice to the oppressed people in the society and to create a noble society through education by eradicating caste discrimination, untouchability.

Mahatma Phule’s writing and reading were profound. His books “Shetkaryancha Asood”, “Sarvajanik Satyadharma” and “Gulamgiri” are famous. His writings show how great a thinker and writer he was.

In the year 1888, people in Bombay felicitated Rao Bahadur Vandekar and awarded him the title of ‘Mahatma’. Two years later, on 28 November 1890, this great thinker and seeker of truth died in Pune. As Mahatma Phule’s work was immense, he was able to create hope for a righteous life in the entire society.

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