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This article is an English essay on my favorite animal – Elephant. This essay discusses the lifestyle, anatomy and habitat of elephants.

Elephant Essay In English

The elephant is a very attractive animal. Ever since childhood we have been hearing stories of elephants. Such a big animal, but it is very calm by nature. He likes to play in the water. He always lives in a herd.

They are herbivorous, and they stay near water. The elephant is grey – black in color and its height is about three and a half meters. It has a long trunk, a tail and four legs. It is characterized by two big ears. Elephants live in the forest.

The big head of an elephant is called Gandasthala. When an elephant gets mad sometimes, large trees are uprooted by its trunk or knocked down by head. Since elephants are mammals, they live mainly in herds. The elephant is never alone in the forest.

Male elephants have large tusks. The female elephant has no tusks. The backs of Indian elephants are fugitives, while those of Africa have hollow backs. Elephants weigh about five to six tons. In India, elephants are found in large numbers in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

We find references to elephants since ancient times. In the past, kings and emperors used to include elephants in their army. The royal procession was drawn on elephants. Since elephants were used in warfare, the king’s reputation was determined by the number of elephants.

If a person committed an unforgivable crime, it was given under the feet of an elephant. Elephants were used in the migration of most of the population. Elephants were used for transportation, protection from other wild animals, and also for business.

The tusks of a dead elephant were removed and used in various ways. In those days ivory was used to make ornaments and tools. The Ashwatthama of the ancient Mahabharata war and the Airavat elephant of heaven are still known to the people.

Elephants love to bathe in water. When the herd of elephants enters the water, the trunk sprinkles water on its own back and on the other elephants. The shape of an elephant, its small eyes, its supa-like (big) ears are all very appealing to me. So the elephant is my favorite animal.

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